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Class:Original Art
Technique:Original Mixed Media
Size:30 X 40
EB Awards
Art of the Week 07/28/10
1/16-2/13 Fragment @ Jonathan Levine Gallery - NYC, NY
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Josh Keyes
Gallery I
Solo Exhibition
Jonathan Levine Gallery
"That painting was a key piece in the LeVine show and also has an important personal meaning for me. I am always a little wary of sharing my intended interpretations with people as most everyone has his or her own idea of what is going on in a picture. But I think I should share my thoughts about this piece with you.

If you are like me you are starting to take notice of your body beginning to creak more often than it used to. Your memory is not as sharp as it used to be. You are basically on the door step to mid life. Like the car you drove as a teenager you still have it but it is getting rusty and needs more maintenance than it used to, and you can't trade it in, not yet until the brilliant scientists perfect transhuman technology.

So for me the piece is foreshadowing a state of being that is on the horizon, and common to all. It is about becoming comfortable with letting go of the body or specifically identifying with the physical body. The humming birds could represent the personality, spirit, or soul. In a nutshell, it is an honoring and letting go of the body, realizing that it is temporal and its ok to watch it go over time, and to turn the focus of our identity on that bright energy within, for me I often feel my mind is like a flock of humming birds, darting this way and that to ideas and emotions. The birds are saying goodbye to the body. " - Josh Keyes
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