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Class:Other Apparel
Technique:Original Mixed Media
Size:3 X 1.25
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The Descendent appeared as I began to conceive of my upcoming solo museum show, Eternal Journey. After visiting the museum, situated in the tallest building in Seoul, the extreme height of the building left a lasting impression. I began to think of Jack and the Beanstalk, where poor young Jack climbs into the skies on a magical beanstalk, steals from a giant, and escapes poverty. The Descendent is forever falling through the sky. As long as he is dreaming, he is safe, his journey through the atmosphere softened and buoyed by the petals of giant flowers. There is no ground, just an endless sky projecting from his imagination. But if he wakes up, he will plunge into the earth and faceplant into reality. He is drifting in an everlasting dreamfall. He is not Asian enough for Asia, and not American enough for America. So, he is just floating in between, a cultural castaway.
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Original Price$35.00