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Statement of Intent

We want everyone to enjoy the site. It is a huge challenge to maintain an innovative direction and widespread compatibility at the same time. We will always try to help regardless.

With limited test equipment, we unfortunately are unable to provide support for every situation.


Recommended Platform

For the best user experience, we enjoy Google Chrome and Firefox!

Support Policy

All supported browsers are treated equally with equal effort given to them with the understanding that test systems for all browsers are not available and therefore support may require the cooperation of the members.

Support is defined by:

  1. Providing standards based content with proper structure as defined by the official specifications. The intent of this approach is to provide the content that all browsers should render properly if they play by the rules.
  2. Using technology that exists in the officially supported browsers. If a technology exists in a browser but does not work, then that is a browser defect and will not prevent use of said technology.
  3. Browser defects are for browser makers to fix. There will be no browser specific workarounds. Adding these kinds of fixes raises maintenance costs and ultimately harms the user experience for all users. However, changes in design and content which work more favorably on all browsers will be considered on a case by case basis.
  4. If a browser contains an exceptional number of defects such that it requires more than half the total support effort, it may be dropped from the line up regardless of user impact.

Legacy MSIE 7 support: MSIE 7 contained a lot of defects which required hacks to nearly every page without exaggeration. When its user base reduces to under 3%, the hacks will be removed and MSIE 7 will no longer function on this site. To prevent the existance of MSIE 7 from harming the other members, MSIE 7 impacts will not be considered with the introduction of new features or content.

Actively supported Platforms

These platforms have are highest priority. Just because an item makes the list does not mean we have a test platform for it.

Browser Operating System Can Test
Google Chrome / Chromium >= 4.0 Max OSX Yes
Google Chrome / Chromium >= 4.0 Windows, Linux No
Firefox >= 3.5 Max OSX Yes
Firefox >= 3.5 Windows, Linux No
Safari>= 3.0 Max OSX Yes
Internet Explorer >= 8 Windows No
Internet Explorer is a very poor performing browser especially when it comes to JavaScript.

Explicitly unsupported Platforms

We are unable to support these platforms. Items that make this list most likely lack sufficient technology or are so far away from standard compliance that we cannot justify writing an entire site for their benefit.

Browser Operating System Reason
Firefox < 1.0 All Was beta platform
Internet Explorer <= 6.0 Windows (all) Poor XHTML standards compliance... (improved, but still true for newer versions).
Internet Explorer > 0 Mac No XHTML standards compliance... bad!