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The front page of Expressobeans contains links to several useful list pages, this page has been created to help explain their functions.

Hot Today

This page shows the most frequently viewed pieces on Expressobeans today.

Newest Auctions

This page shows the most recently added eBay auctions.

Newest Trades

This page shows the most recently updated member trade offers on Expressbeans.

Latest Additions

This page shows the most recent additions to the Expressobeans art database.

Award Nominees

Expressobeans awards one poster per week it's EB ART AWARD. This page shows prints which have all been nominated for the award by EB members. To nominate a print, members may navigate to the listing page for it and click Nominate Now under EB Awards.

Award Winners

Expressobeans awards one poster per week it's EB ART AWARD. This page shows the weekly winners.

Parade of Originals

These are one of a kind originals in the publically viewable collections of our members. They are here for your enjoyment only. Please don't contact members about these items unless they are listed for sale. Click here to view.

If you are a member and want to share your originals, just add them to your collection. Members who have their collections set for private viewing will not have their art show up in the list.

EB Registered

EB has a Print Registry program in which we provide uniquely numbered hologram stickers to artists which they affix to the reverse of each print in a run. The serial numbers of the stickers are then correlated to the print numbers of the edition so that the buyer of the print can assure it's authenticity. This page shows all the prints which are registered using the program.

This part of the EBWiki provides support for the [Expresso Beans website]

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