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Describing Print Conditon

Be sure to describe your art in an accurate manner. An accurate product description increases buyer satisfaction, helps sellers build a loyal customer base, and ensures positive feedback ratings.

Should a product have an obvious cosmetic flaw, sellers are strongly encouraged to make a note within the comments field.

General Condition

New (N)

Just like it sounds. A brand-new, unused, unhung and unhandled copy in original condition.

Like New (LN)

An apparently unused copy in original condition. Paper is clean and edges are sharp. Suitable for presenting as a gift.

Very Good (VG)

A copy that has been lightly handled or hung, but remains in excellent condition. Paper is clean and edges are reasonably tight. There are no rips, holes or creases in the image area. Only uniform paper discoloring may exist based on age.

Good (G)

A copy that has been used, but remains in clean condition. The paper is clean overall. Paper may contain some imperfections outside the image area. Image area may contain some minor imperfections.

Fair (F)

A usable copy. Paper is intact. Paper maybe in rather poor condition but it is acceptable for display in a frame.

Poor (P)

Moldy, badly stained, or unclean copies are not acceptable, nor are copies with large rips in image area and bad creases.

Detailed Condition Shorthand

Here is some common shorthand you can use to describe some of the damage if you wish. It is not a complete list, but you may find it handy. For example:

indicates there is a dog ear on the top right and a light stain
(mostly not noticable) in the bottom left. Both defects occur
outside the image area and can be framed out. 

Placement on Poster

T Top
B Bottom
L Left
R Right
C Center
M Middle
I Inside Image Area
O Outside Image (will frame out)

Actual Damage

SC Soft Corner
DE Dog Ear
TH Tack Hole
SH Staple Hole
LSS Light Surface Scratch
MSS Medium Surface Scratch
HSS Heavy Surface Scratch
RR Rolling Rumples
LS Light Stain
NS Noticiable Stain
LD Light Dent
HD Hard Dent
C Crease
P Puncture

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