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Random Art
Status2.gif Official
Status3.gif Fan Art
? Contested
Status5.gif Not Authorized
Status4.gif Fake
Status5.gif Infringing
Status6.gif Strictly Copyrighted
Status1.gif Unknown

Official Artwork is often hard to tell from lot art or fan art. Sometimes the fan art is made by well known and respected artists and is nicer than the official art. Since everyone has the right to know and there are possible copyright or trademark issues with some non-official prints, we have come up with these icons to designate the status of each print.

Contested artwork is artwork in which the band or other entity claims it is unauthorized. When this happens it moves into this legal grey area. In some cases, this is clearly "fan art" and labeled as such. But sometimes a venue, promoter or other official party commissions the artist and there is a jurisdictional issue between the band and that party tossing the artist into the middle of a conflict to no fault of their own. This is a typical case, but not the only case of a contested artwork.

The difference between Fan Art and Fake is intent. If it is made with the intent of fooling the consumer or causing harm to the band then we consider it a fake. This a difficult judgement to make, and we usually do not use Fake unless the intent "seems" clear.

Infringing art is a special classification we assign when an authorized authority, like a band, has contacted us verifing that it violates copyrights or trademarks. This means that the sale of it is illegal. It may be fan art or it might have been an unauthorized promoter poster. In any event, buyer beware. Note that there are likely prints that exist on this site that do not have this label. That only means that we have not be told by the authority that it is infringing.

Strictly Copyrighted art is copyrighted art in which the copyright owner is unusually strict over copyrights, for example, if the owner does not allow people to use photo images on eBay or retailers to display images of their merchandise. Let this serve as a warning to potential buyers as they may not be able to resell the art later.

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