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Expresso Beans is embracing the Graphic Arts world in a new and exciting way. We have started the EB series of very limited edition posters. Stay tuned for the latest releases right here.

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Free Print Program

At Expresso Beans we want to reward folks for working hard to help us grow. We have started a program that makes it possible for anybody to get a free print. We simply take the top contributors and give them free prints when we can. We have a points system for measuring contributions. There are many ways to get points but the easiest is to add art to our database which earns 4 points a submission. Adding an eBay auction through the Item interface earns 2 points. Most other actions earn 1 point. We reset the "active" points after each set of winnings so that everyone has an equal chance every time. The number of winners depends on the number of prints we have and the costs so it will change from print to print.

Official Statement of Intent

The series is about artists and it is a service to art collectors. At the highest level, it gives the collectors exposure to new artists they may not have seen before. The artists often have limited exposure based on the commissions they get and are sometimes artistically constrained by the commission requirements. At the same time graphic art collectors are most often music fans and do not collect art for bands they do not listen to. This series is an attempt to break down those barriers. It is art for the sake of art.

Message for Art Collectors

Graphic art collectors are art appreciators. Andy Warhol made the successful statement that illustration is Art. He took raw advertising and showed the world its artistic form. Rock art is an extreme example of that principle. If there is any underlying point to the EB series, it is that the opposite is true as well. Art is illustration: the art can come before the advertising. The art in Graphic Art can deliver its own message and express itself foremost. Look deeper into the art and consider more. This series is meant to challenge each artist to look into themselves and their chosen profession and express it. There are no time constraints on the artists, so there is no certain rate at which one can expect to see them produced. Hopefully, this lack of pressure will translate into something really special.

Message for the Artists of the Series

The EB series is a no pressure commission. There are no deadlines and the artist has complete freedom to do whatever design they like. The theme of the series is an artist's interpretation of the Graphic Arts. There are only a few ground rules. Every print must contain either the letters EB or the EB logo. They may be distorted, hidden or even reduced to small type at the artist's discretion. The artist retains the rights to all parts of the image, but the image in its entirety can never be reproduced. There must never be a reprint. The artist proofs leftover after the main series run must be destroyed and never sold. The point here is to keep it simple for the collectors. It is understood, that additional income can be generated from those proofs, so as part of the deal we can offer a return of some of the main run to be sold by the artist if that is required. The original art work belongs to the artists and there is no restriction on the sale of it. Expresso Beans reserves the right to publish the image on the Expresso Beans web site and in a future book should there be one. The artist may also publish it or authorize others to publish it online or in a book or magazine.

What happens to the money?

The artists get paid for their work first. Whatever is left after the artists get paid, shipping costs and materials, and PayPal fees, is funneled back into more art. A portion of the proceeds, if any, will go to pay the service costs of the Expresso Beans website. The site is a completely free service but has real costs of operation. With this series, Expresso Beans gets the financial assistance it needs while sticking to its principles of helping artists and collectors. It helps artists both financially and by increased exposure; it helps educate and expose collectors to new art at a very low cost which will, hopefully, be worth much more than they invest. It is good for everyone involved, something to be proud of.

Join Mailing List

If you are interested in receiving an email whenever something happens with the EB Series, then you can Opt-In to the list in your Account Settings. The list is only for the EB Series and nothing more.

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